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Curriculum information

At Netherton Park Nursery School what children learn is very carefully planned in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage guidance, to include experiences and opportunities that address all seven aspects of learning: Personal Social and Emotional Developments, Communication and Language, Physical Development, Literacy, Mathematics, Expressive Arts and Design and Understanding the World.


We plan the environment with opportunities for learning and then carefully observe each child's interaction and response, noticing the way they encounter the resources, environment and each other.


This then leads to a series of professional questions about how we may extend the interests of the children and develop their skills as 'communicators'.  Our careful observations of each child are linked back to the EYFS guidance materials, Developmental Bands, so that we may make a professional judgement about each child's skill and capabilities.


Observations, encounters and learning stories are regularly shared with parents who often contribute feedback.  Throughout all services that run in our School and Kindergarten we regularly audit our environments to ensure they are absolutely tailored to the ages and the interests of the children accessing them.


Netherton Park Nursery School provides a rich and broad range of learning opportunities that are developed and carefully planned based upon children's interests and provocations introduced by the adults.


Areas for 'enquiry' are planned with an interesting mix of found resources and more familiar resources.


Children are given time and space to 'think' and work can take place over extended periods of time.  We are very clear about how children learn and support parents and children in recognising the characteristics of effective learning.


We also ensure learning covers all of the aspects identified in the Early Years Foundation Stage.


If you require any further information about the Curriculum here at Netherton Park Nursery School please contact Helen Ruffles (Head teacher) on 01384 818255.