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Autumn investigations

We are enjoying the autumn changes in Oak room. Noticing the leaves changing colour and falling down. Spotting natural treasures like conkers and pine cones and the breezy, colder days.

Today children were very excited to find different size pumpkins in nursery when they arrived. There was lots of curiosity,investigation and talking. Mathematical learning was high with concepts explored such as weight, size, colour and ordering.
Children talked about 'big', 'small', 'heavy', 'orange' as they handled the pumpkins. The adult added magnifying glasses for further noticing of detail and introduced words such as , 'bumpy, smooth, cold, stork, stripy, autumn, grow, seed' to extend the conversations and deepen the learning.


The children have lots of their own ideas of what they will find inside, ranging from 'candy' to 'doughnuts' and where pumpkins come from.' my mommy gets it', ' in my house'.
If you see any in the supermarkets when you are out and about perhaps chat with your child about what they can see, notice and compare.


There are also different places that you can visit to pick your own pumpkin if that is of interest to you and your family. We would love to see any photos on tapestry that we can share with your child's peers.