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Who's been eating all the porridge?

Who's been eating the porridge in Oak room (3-4 provision)


To support literacy learning a provocation from 'daddy bear' of Goldilocks and the 3 bears story was offered to small groups.

Children have been eager  to help a very sad daddy bear after reading his letter. They wanted to solve the problem and  make him feel 'happy'.
 Quickly children made the connection from the teddy to our  current focus text. When the adult asked how they knew it was daddy bear, they replied because 'it is big', baby bear is 'little'.


This hands on experience provoked lot's of dialogue. Conversations about breakfast, family, likes, dislikes and observations. Porridge oats were handled with the adult commenting on textures and sounds, 'crunchy, rough, scratchy'. Children described it as  like 'rabbit food', 'sugary'.


Scoops were counted, 1,2,3,4,5, milk poured and spoons used for scooping and mixing which supports physical skill development and hand eye co-ordination. The adult modelled counting 1-5, used mathematical language such a 'more, less, full, empty'.

Tasting was experienced with the adult layering ' is it to hot, too cold or just right'. Luckily most of thought it was just right!

The small groups demonstrated their listening skills  and were able follow the steps to make their own porridge independently.


As an extension we wrote our own letters  back to daddy bear, giving meaning to our marks.