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Zero Tolerance

Unfortunately it has been brought to my attention that there have been a few instances recently of parents/carers speaking to staff in a manner that is deemed unnacceptable.  I need to point out that we expect all staff to be shown respect in the way they are spoken to - this includes face to face and over the telephone.  
If you are unhappy about something we ask that you speak to staff in a calm manner and out of earshot of any of our children.
This is only a small proportion of parents/carers however it has made staff feel uneasy.  We thank you for your support with this.

Netherton Park Nursery School

Zero Tolerance Program - No Excuse for Abuse




The Nursery School has a ‘zero tolerance’ program to address the issue of violence, aggression and unacceptable behaviour directed towards the school employees. 


The school is delivering a clear message to the public that violence and aggression towards any school employee is unacceptable.


Violence and aggression at work


  • Violence and aggression at work is:


‘Any incident in which a person is abused, threatened or assaulted in circumstances relating to their work’


  • Physical assault is:


‘The intentional application of force from one person to another, without lawful justification, resulting in physical injury, personal discomfort or damage to property’


  • Non-physical assault is:


‘The use of inappropriate words (including, but not exclusively, verbal/written/social media) or behaviour causing alarm, distress and/or constituting harassment’


  • Persistent unacceptable behaviour:


Refers to behaviour both within one contact and/or a number of separate contacts over an undefined period (this includes telephone contact)


Zero tolerance


Netherton Park Nursery School will not accept or tolerate any violence or aggression towards its employees and any such act/behaviour will result in appropriate action or sanctions being taken against the person/s responsible.