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Oak - Nursery School provision

Our Nursery School admits children after their third birthday and we have the capacity for up to 52 children at any one time.

All children are entitled to 15 hours of free provision in the term following their third birthday.


Working families with children aged three and four may now be able to claim an extra 15 hours per week, taking the total provision to 30 hours. Please visit the following link to see if you are eligible to apply:  Please note you MUST have a valid code before we can offer you a 30hrs place.


Children can attend for two and a half days per week if claiming 15 hours, Monday to Friday if claiming 30 hours, we also have spaces for children to attend full time, with top up fees payable for extended hours before and after Nursery sessions in our Wraparound group.


Nursery sessions are as follows:

2 and 1/2 days (15 hours) - Monday and Tuesday 8.40am-2.40pm and Wednesday 8.40am-11.40am
                                            Wednesday 12.30pm-3.30pm and Thursday and Friday 8.40am-2.40pm


Sessions for children entitled to 30 hours (with a valid 30 hours code)  are:

                                             Monday to Friday 8.40am-2.40pm

Wraparound Care is available from 7.45am to 5.15pm all year round (closed for bank holidays, one week at Easter, 2 over Christmas and 2 in August).  Please see our charging policy for current prices.
Our aim is to support the learning and development of each individual child by providing an integrated, balanced, broad, stimulating and differentiated curriculum.


The Nursery team is led by Verony our Nursery teacher.  The children are allocated a key worker who will be your first point of contact. 

We are happy to arrange a time for you to visit to look around the Nursery/Centre or to discuss your child's education. If you would like to put your child's name on our Nursery registration list then please contact the Centre on 01384 818255.  Please contact us if you would like to visit or if you require any further information.

Nursery Learning Environment

Artist in residence


We are very lucky to have Sarah, an artist, working with the children in Nursery for two days each week.


'Hi, I am Sarah, I work as artist in residence part-time across the Nursery School. I offer creative, innovative learning opportunities for children to support all areas of learning . I am passionate about nurturing independence, problem solving, creative thinking and fun! My teaching is often based on children's interests and  curiosities where levels of engagement are the highest."


Ofsted 2017

" In addition, children regularly work with an artist on projects drawn from their own experiences. Trips and visits to local places such as the fire station or a garden centre are used to inspire conversation and develop children’s communication skills. In all instances, staff consider the purpose and relevance of activities to children’s particular needs and children respond exceptionally well. The quality of work they produce is superb and they make excellent progress across different areas of learning."




























Yoga sessions take place in small groups led by Lauren.  During each session the children will take part in a basic routine which includes breathing meditation techniques, accompanied by calming and relaxing music.  Each child has their own yoga mat and can follow the session at their own pace.  Yoga is a great physical activity to do with children and supports the development of their gross motor skills, as well as improving balance, coordination and flexibility.  Other benefits of practising yoga are:  it increases confidence, improves concentration, promotes a healthy body, helps children manage stress through breathing and introduces mindfulness.



Peer relaxation


To support all children's wellbeing we offer peer relaxation sessions as part of our small group times. Children work with a partner and learn a series of different movements (Waterfall, eye glasses, bunny hop etc.).   They carry these out on their partners, back, hands and head.  This is all learnt in a beautifully calm environment with  low lighting, relaxing scents and calming music. The expectations are for quite voices, kind hands and good listening. The sessions offer a sense of calm in what can be a very busy Nursery day. Children in previous years enjoy it immensely and often ask for extra sessions. They also have been known to share their skills learnt at bedtime with their families. 








































Dough Disco


Dough Disco is a fun, dance-like activity where the children squeeze, squash, mould, shape and poke dough in time to the music.  The music, dance-like aspects encourages rhythm and gross motor control, whilst the dough element promotes the muscle strength and fine motor control. 
Children take part in Dough Disco on a weekly basis as part of their key person group times.  The sessions help children to develop and strengthen the muscles in their arms, hands and fingers which in turn helps their bodies become physically ready to write.  It also supports the development of rhythm, balance and co-ordination.