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Coronavirus closure information

Please remember to check Tapestry regularly especially while the school is closed as staff will be uploading challenges and information for you regularly.

You can also post observations and photos to share with the staff as we would love to see what all the children are getting up to.



What is Tapestry?


Tapestry is an online Learning Journal which records your child's Learning Journey during their time at Netherton Park.  It is simple, secure and easily accessible.


Staff will use it to record children's achievements and track progress in the EYFS areas of learning.  Staff have a secure log in and upload written observations and media; photos and videos.  Parents/carers receive an email once an observation has been added, they can then log in to view the observation and leave a comment if they wish. Parents/carers can also add their own observations, photos and videos.


What is a Learning Journey?


The staff are constantly observing and assessing the children in our care.  We take photographs and videos as evidence of their achievements and experiences.  We then use these to assess and monitor each child's progress and identify any areas for development.


A Learning Journey is a record of each child's learning and shows snap shots of children's achievements and progress in relation to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).  Not every activity they do will be recorded, staff will focus on significant moments in each child's learning.


Parents and Carers


You will only be able to view/access your own child's information.  You will set up an email address, secure password and pin number to be able to access your child's information only. You will have access 24/7 to your child's Learning Journey. You can view and contribute to your child's Learning Journey at any time by adding observations, comments, photos and videos from things your child does at home and away from the Nursery setting. You will receive an email whenever a new observation is added to your child's Learning Journey by the Nursery Staff, you can then log in to view the observation and add a comment if you wish. 


Tapestry is used to record your child's learning and achievements. It is not a tool for general communication between Nursery and home and will not be monitored on a daily basis.  Staff will check regularly for parent replies/comments.


Further Information


Please ask to speak to Alison if you have any queries/concerns with Tapestry. 




Please follow the link below to log in to and for tutorials on how to use Tapestry