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Information for all parents and carers:


  • The carpark is strictly for staff only.  Pklease do nbot block the entrance by parking in front of the barrier.
  • We kindly ask all parents and carers to park consideratly when dropping off or collecting children from our Nursery School. 
  • Please do not block any local residents driveways or park in any way that means they cannot get off their drives.  Please be respectful to any resident asking you not to block thier driveway.
  • There must be no parking or waiting in the yellow box junction at the entrance to the Nursery School car park.
  • Please be respectful to any member of staff who asks you to move your car if it is parked inconsideratly or dangersously.


If you see anyone parking incosideratly or dangerously please report it via the link to Dudley Park Safe Website.



We all want to ensure that the children of Netherton Park Nursery School stay safe - please play your part in doing so.