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Centre closure procedures due to snow/bad weather

We endeavour to remain open as much as possible through snow/bad weather conditions. In the unfortunate event that the Centre would need to close or alter it's opening hours due to snow and bad weather, families will be informed in the following ways;


  • The Centre website will be updated with information of closure/disruptions to services/alteration of opening hours.
  • Local radio stations will be informed and the Centre's details will be read out on their list of closures. The radio stations are; Black Country Radio, Free Radio, Heart/Capital and BBC Radio WM.
  • The Dudley council website will be updated with closures,


We ask parents, carers and visitors to take extra care when accessing the Centre in icy/snowy conditions as the paths in the park can be slippery.  In cases of severe weather we will close the car park if we feel that people may have problems getting on and off.