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Lockdown and updated Coronavirus information

As you will all be aware from last Saturday Dudley moved into Tier 2 and now we are going into lockdown from Thursday this week - the numbers of confirmed cases is rising dramatically and we all need to do our part in helping to reduce numbers.
Nursery School will remain open as normal but there are some things I need to remind all parents/carer of in order to keep the staff, children and yourselves safe:

  • Only one parent can drop off/collect
  • You are VERY STRONGLY advised to wear a face covering at all times and this is a MUST when coming into Reception
  • You MUST remain behind the yellow lines when dropping off and collecting to ensure you are 2 metres away from staff.
  • When waiting to drop off and collect you MUST maintain social distancing from others who do not live in your house being at least 2 metres apart.
  • From Thursday you will not be able to congregate with any other families (any person who doesn't live in your household) (this will includes bringing children to Nursery from other families, holding onto a friends pushchair while they drop off etc) this is in the government guidelines and staff will remind anybody they feel isn't following them: 
  • If you are dropping off/collecting via the back gate please be aware this is also a staff entrance so please make space if staff are needing to get passed
  • You MUST NOT send your child to Nursery if they are showing any signs of Covid symptoms or if a member for the household has symptoms. (A new continuous cough, a high temperature or change/loss of taste or smell)
  • You must then inform school immediately and get a test and isolate everybody in the house until the result of the test come back. We have to inform the Local Authority of any suspected cases and they follow them up if we haven't seen evidence of a negative test. We need this before a child can return.



We were lucky to not have a confirmed case in the first half term and we want to do all we can to keep it this way but it needs everyone support to ensure we don not need to close bubbles.


We ask for EVERYONES full support regardless of your personal opinions of the current situation. Thank you.

If you do have any questions about anything to do with Coronavirus please contact Alison. This is a difficult time for all of us and we are aware of how anxious things can get - please be reassured at Netherton Park we are doing our very best.